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The Visit Hickory Metro team is monitoring the current COVID-19 crisis. We will continue to pass along information from trusted sources and our tourism partners. See our Coronavirus page for updates and ongoings. We are in this together. Stay Safe and Healthy.

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We can't wait to see you soon in Hickory, North Carolina 

Hickory, North Carolina is well known for our rich heritage in Furniture Manufacturing but we can't wait to show you how that is just the beginning of the adventures you will find here! Scenic outdoor exploring, Lake adventures, tasty local restaurants that are changing the dining scene in our metro and more! 

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Hickory Metro Favorites

Hickory "Merch" is Now Available!

Looking to send items to family & friends or simply rock your local vibes? Visit Hickory Metro is excited to launch the new Hickory Merchandise online store. The Visit Hickory metro team is working hard and will be adding more items to our shop very soon so stay tuned! Also, be on the look out for coupon codes!

Order your gear here!

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